Darren Cloutier
Software Architect/Executive particularly interested in Enterprise Application Integration using packaged tools as well as architecting custom solutions. Specialties - Integration, Architecture, ETL, DataStage, Java/J2EE, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Software Project Management, Teradata, SQL, Database Design, Analytics, Oracle, LAMP Stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).
Personal Projects:

Thermostat Data Warehouse (ThermoTweet)
Leveraging the API in my two Nest thermostats installed in my home, I wrote ThermoTweet to initially post to Twitter the current temperature as well as the status of the thermostat whenever the heat was turned on or off. While this was interesting for sometime, it quickly became apparent that the real value of gathering this data was storing it for analysis over time. ThermoTweet was then transformed into a data warehouse for temperature and thermostat data within my home. Tracking the temperature, target temperature, heat on/off and hold/override settings of each thermostat has provided valuable data and allowed us to adjust our thermostat schedules to provide us with peak comfort and savings. ThermoTweet is written entirely in a LAMP stack with a component on my LAN parsing the JSON data from the local thermostats and transferring this data to my VPS where subsequent programs transform, store and report on it. ThermoTweet has performed 861,078 data readings between 2012-02-01 and 2019-06-27 (Data Last Updated: 2019-06-27 00:10:01).

TiVo DVR Data Warehouse (TweeVo)
TweeVo started out as a project to create the first known TiVo DVR's modified to post to Twitter (as reported by technology blog Zatz Not Funny). The project has since morphed into a full fledged data warehouse for all recordings on our households TiVo's. TweeVo is written in the LAMP stack with a server gathering data within the house and transferring it to a VPS for further transformation, storage and reporting. This project has gathered the following data about my family's TV habits so far: 20,463 recordings with data from 2011-10-09 to 2019-06-25 (Data Last Updated: 2019-06-26 18:31:06). Posting to Twitter has been turned off due to the number of SpamBots attracted to my account when constantly posting about TV Shows.

iTunes Dashboard
The itunes dashboard reports on my listening habits across all my iOS devices. A local component runs on my LAN parsing iTunes' itunes.xml file and transferring the details to my VPS. There a subsqeunt program translates this data into a normalized database where reports are run against it. iTunes dashboard is again written fully in the LAMP stack. iTunes Dashboard currently has statistics for 37,299 unique songs (92,741 song plays!) with play data from 2007-07-13 to 2019-06-26 (Data Last Updated: 2019-06-26 08:36:50).