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Model: Roamio Plus
Recording Count: 15
Capacity Details: 74.41 GB of 1000 GB (7.44% Full)

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Recording Time Channel Show Episode Title Episode # Lifetime
2017-06-28 20:00:03WBZ (4)Big Brother06-28-2017N/A11m
Season 19 begins with the 16 houseguests being introduced and entering the compound. Once inside, they encounter tempting offers for money, power and safety that could change the course of the game on the first night.
2017-06-28 20:00:03LIFE-E (170)Little Women: LAA Little Extra: Interventions and InfidelityN/A11m
Enhanced episode includes additional footage. Jasmine and Elena feel that Terra is out of control and decide it's time for an intervention; Terra and Joe try to play matchmaker with Tonya and Kerwin; and Briana and Matt try to reconnect after a big fight leaves Matt missing for several hours.
2017-06-27 22:00:03COMEDY-E (113)Tosh.006-27-2017N/A22h 11m
2017-06-27 20:00:04TLC-E (166)Little People, Big WorldThe Best Gift EverN/A1d 0h 11m
2017-06-27 20:00:04WMUR (1200)The Bachelorette1306N/A1d 0h 11m
Rachel sends one man home from the two-on-one date. After the rose ceremony, Rachel and the remaining bachelors travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, where a group of guys take part in spirited Viking-style games. Later, Rachel takes one lucky suitor on a day trip to Sweden, before she and the men travel Geneva, Switzerland.
2017-06-26 22:15:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern Charm SavannahEngagement Rings & Petty ThingsN/A1d 21h 56m
Daniel breaks big news to his father and Ashley's struggles at home come to a head in the Season 1 finale. Also, Hannah reaches the end of her rope with Louis, and all are in their black-tie best for Ashley's masquerade ball, but Lyle has other plans.
2017-06-26 21:00:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern CharmAin't No Thang Like a Chicken WingN/A1d 23h 11m
2017-06-26 20:00:03WMUR (1200)The Bachelorette1305N/A2d 0h 11m
Rachel and a handsome suitor embrace the oyster culture of Bluffton, S.C. After the rose ceremony, Rachel and the remaining bachelors head to Oslo, Norway, where she and one lucky guy rappel down a giant Olympic ski jump. Later, Rachel takes bitter rivals on the dreaded two-on-one date.
2017-06-25 21:00:03AMC-E (105)Fear the Walking DeadBurning in Water, Drowning in FlameN/A2d 23h 11m
A new threat reveals itself to Madison and Troy as they search for answers. Elsewhere, Alicia must reconcile with her past decisions.
2017-06-22 21:00:03HIST-E (107)Mountain MenBreakageN/A5d 23h 11m
Morgan undertakes a treacherous river run; Jason loses everything; and routine training for Rich's dog team turns to live combat.
2017-06-19 22:15:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern Charm SavannahSt. Simon SaysN/A1w 1d 21h 56m
2017-06-15 18:00:03HIST-E (107)Mountain MenAll Work and No PayN/A1w 6d 2h 11m
Enhanced episode. Morgan's surprise discovery could finally put food on the table; Tom's hard work doesn't pay off.
2017-06-12 22:01:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern Charm SavannahBridge Over Troubled WaterN/A2w 1d 22h 10m
Hannah's sisters arrive in Savannah to throw a birthday bash for Louis. Also, Nelson seeks his mother's advice about his fractured friendships, and Catherine plans a Savannah bridge party, which is marred by Ashley's confrontation with Hannah.
2017-06-05 22:01:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern Charm SavannahThe Perfect StormN/A3w 1d 22h 10m
A stormy end to a party finds the gang evacuating Savannah because of a hurricane. Most of the Charmers head to Charlotte and meet with some Charleston pals, while Ashley is in Augusta, where she reveals her marital issues to her mother.
2017-06-03 13:06:04BRAVO-E (167)Southern Charm SavannahHurricane on the HorizonN/A3w 4d 7h 5m
A juicy rumor spreads about Catherine and Lyle. Also: Happy urges her mother to support her marriage; Hannah runs into unexpected opposition; and a hurricane nears Savannah as Catherine hosts a dinner party that turns stormy itself.