Current TiVo Summary Last Update: 2018-04-22 04:04:02
Model: Roamio Plus
Recording Count: 17
Capacity Details: 32.25 GB of 1000 GB (3.22% Full)

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Recording Time Channel Show Episode Title Episode # Lifetime
2018-04-22 02:36:03AMC-E (105)Fear the Walking DeadMeet the New CharactersN/A1h 35m
The cast and creators discuss the new season, the crossover, and all the characters that have joined.
2018-04-19 22:00:04FX-E (51)AtlantaWoodsN/A2d 6h 11m
Paper Boi seems to always have a bad attitude, despite the fact that he's rich.
2018-04-19 21:00:04MTV-E (43)Ex on the BeachWelcome to Ex on the BeachN/A2d 7h 11m
Ten reality and social media celebs think they're on a sexy getaway but paradise turns into a nightmare when their exes start emerging from the beach to ruin their good time.
2018-04-18 22:30:03TRAVEL-E (23)Legendary LocationsGame of Bones and UnknownsN/A3d 5h 41m
Josh explores the beauty of the spiritual realm. He investigates a German basilica said to house the bones of 11,000 virgins, a Japanese ice cave guarded by a dragon's spirit, and a remote island where cats outnumber humans.
2018-04-18 22:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Legendary LocationsPortals to PunishmentN/A3d 6h 11m
Josh visits three sites where the journey is the destination. He follows a coca leaf farmer down Bolivia's perilous Death Road, explores history's most feared prison in French Guiana, and investigates a mysterious 12,000-year-old structure in Turkey.
2018-04-18 21:00:04BRAVO-E (167)The Real Housewives of New York CityTil Brunch Do Us PartN/A3d 7h 11m
The ladies head to the Hamptons for a fun-filled weekend; tensions rise between best friends Carole and Bethenny; Dorinda and Sonja's friendship is short-lived, as a blowup at Luann's brunch sets their relationship back.
2018-04-18 21:00:03LIFE-E (28)Little Women: LAInjections and RejectionsN/A3d 7h 11m
Christy throws a botox party. Elena shadows a beauty salon owner and realizes that it is overwhelming. Tonya is livid that Terra is launching a wine with a controversial name, but Terra's attempt to smooth things over makes things worse.
2018-04-17 21:00:03BRAVO-E (55)The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsThe Runaway RunwayN/A4d 7h 11m
In the Season 8 finale, Dorit launches her swimwear line with a glamorous fashion show that could make or break her design comeback. Camille shares life-changing news. Lisa Rinna worries about Delilah being homesick in New York. Kyle expresses her feelings about Dorit, but it causes an unexpected rift with Erika. Lisa Vanderpump is forced to reveal a hard truth to Dorit.
2018-04-17 20:00:03WMUR (9)RoseanneDarlene v. DavidN/A4d 8h 11m
David unexpectedly shows up for Harris' birthday after being absent for years, forcing Darlene to re-examine their relationship and the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Bev temporarily moves into the Conner home after an incident at the nursing home prevents her from returning.
2018-04-12 22:00:03FX-E (51)AtlantaChampagne PapiN/A1w 2d 6h 11m
It's time for some partying, but it's debatable if that partying occurred if there wasn't a post about it.
2018-04-11 22:30:03TRAVEL-E (23)Legendary LocationsBack From the DeadN/A1w 3d 5h 41m
From the castle that inspired the home of an iconic vampire to the market where Santa's devilish sidekick stalks and scares holiday revelers, Josh Gates tells the stories of places where legends never die.
2018-04-11 22:00:04TRAVEL-E (23)Legendary LocationsLast ResortsN/A1w 3d 6h 11m
Josh Gates explores legendary places of protection, from a historic military fortress in Gibraltar and Pablo Escobar's secret Colombian hideaway to a floating kingdom on Peru's Lake Titicaca.
2018-04-11 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsFlashy Little FlashdancerN/A1w 3d 8h 11m
After seeing "Flashdance," Beverly decides to take up dance with the Frentas and is dejected when the family doesn't support her after telling them she is going to be in a recital. Meanwhile, when Emmy starts dating a cool guy, Adam thinks their friendship is in jeopardy, so he sets out to be cooler which backfires
2018-04-05 22:00:05FX-E (51)AtlantaTeddy PerkinsN/A2w 2d 6h 10m
Darius is trippin.
2018-04-04 20:00:03WMUR (9)The GoldbergsMTV Spring BreakN/A2w 3d 8h 11m
Hoping to get the true spring break experience, Erica and Barry visit Pops in Florida, yet it's nothing how they expected. Meanwhile, Adam tells the truth to Beverly and Murray but then gets a surprising reaction.
2018-03-29 22:00:03FX-E (51)AtlantaBarbershopN/A3w 2d 6h 11m
Trust in one's barber is spotlighted.
2018-03-28 20:00:04WMUR (9)The GoldbergsColorsN/A3w 3d 8h 11m
Barry enlists the JTP to help him break up Beverly's group of friends so Barry can have all the attention but soon realizes he made a major mistake when Beverly gets into a fight with her friends. Meanwhile, Adam's attempts to trick Murray into loving theater backfire.