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Model: Roamio Plus
Recording Count: 25
Capacity Details: 45.46 GB of 1000 GB (4.55% Full)

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Recording Time Channel Show Episode Title Episode # Lifetime
2018-03-20 21:00:05LIFE-E (28)Married at First SightPlanning for the FutureN/A22m
Pastor Cal challenges the couples to begin planning their long-term futures together. One spouse refuses to give up his bachelor lifestyle in order to focus on the marriage.
2018-03-20 21:00:03BRAVO-E (55)The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsHeaven KnowsN/A22m
After her explosive encounter with Erika, Teddi worries about seeing her at Lisa Rinna's luncheon; Kyle's séance conjures up some unexpected guests, but the group gets a bigger shock when Erika reveals information about her past; and Lisa Vanderpump is struck by sudden tragedy at home.
2018-03-20 20:00:03LIFE-E (28)Married at First SightLove Unlocked: CommunicationN/A1h 22m
With less than a month to go, the couples focus on how they can improve communication with their spouses before they have to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. The couples' trust and honesty are tested when they are asked to trade cell phones for an hour without warning.
2018-03-20 20:00:03WMUR (9)The MiddleHecks vs. Glossners: The Final BattleN/A1h 22m
It's the Orson showdown of the century when the Hecks—along with the Donahues and Bill Norwood—wage a war against the Glossners after they steal Sue's car.
2018-03-19 22:07:03TLC-E (38)Counting OnJoy Gives BirthN/A23h 15m
In this first look, Joy prepares to welcome her first child as her due date approaches. With Austin by her side, Joy goes into labor and gives birth to their baby.
2018-03-19 22:01:04BRAVO-E (55)Summer HouseSummer Should Be Fun!N/A23h 21m
Kyle and Amanda's relationship feels the strain of existing in the house. Lindsay attempts to get her summer back on track. Lauren moves on from Carl. Stephen is ready to take his fling more seriously. Carl wants a love interest to spend the night.
2018-03-19 22:01:04WBTS (3)Good GirlsAtom BombN/A23h 21m
Beth comes home to a surprise guest and is forced to confess to Ruby and Annie that she asked Rio if they could continue working for him. Meanwhile, Beth throws Kenny an elaborate birthday party, which unexpectedly leads the women to offer Rio a business proposition. Ruby's employment at the diner is threatened by a disgruntled teenage customer and Greg gives Annie the benefit of the doubt when she comes up with a creative solution for dealing with some bullies from Sadie's school.
2018-03-19 22:01:03MTV-E (43)Teen Mom: Young and PregnantBaby Shower BlowupN/A23h 21m
Ashley and Bar's baby shower goes from zero to 100; Brianna is caught in the middle of her mom and Danae; and Kayla grows concerned that she may end up a single mom.
2018-03-19 21:00:03TLC-E (38)Counting OnA New Bundle of JoyN/A1d 0h 22m
Joe and Kendra have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party on a lake with family and friends; Jinger and Jeremy decide to take a shot at coffee roasting; Joy and Austin have some big news to share with the family.
2018-03-18 22:00:04WBTS (3)TimelessThe Darlington 500N/A1d 23h 22m
The Time Team chases Rittenhouse to a stock car race in the 1950s where Wyatt learns that his favorite race car driver is actually a Rittenhouse sleeper agent on a mission to destroy the American car industry. To stop the Rittenhouse plan, Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus team up with Wendell Scott, the first African American NASCAR driver.
2018-03-18 21:00:04AMC-E (25)The Walking DeadThe KeyN/A2d 0h 22m
Hilltop's leadership faces a difficult dilemma after the arrival of unexpected visitors. Meanwhile, Rick comes face-to-face with an adversary.
2018-03-17 12:00:03LIFE-E (28)Little Women: LASeason 7 Sneak PeekN/A3d 9h 22m
A preview of Season 7.
2018-03-16 21:00:03WE-E (53)Marriage Boot Camp: Reality StarsFamily Edition: Snake in the GrassN/A4d 0h 22m
The families must break their silence to confess their deepest truths or suffer a terrifying punishment. Chrissy breaks down in tears, Amber and Matt's checkered past comes back to haunt them, and Renee unleashes years of restrained rage on her sisters.
2018-03-15 21:00:03UP (124)Bringing Up BatesBig Decision, Bigger OpinionsN/A5d 0h 22m
Before Kelly Jo and the girls head to Kentucky for Tori's wedding dress fitting, the entire family, including Michaella and Alyssa, gathers for a festive family picnic.
2018-03-15 20:30:03UP (124)Bringing Up BatesFan Edition: Icing on the CakesN/A5d 0h 52m
A fan-edition episode features viewers' tweets and social-media content on the air.
2018-03-12 22:01:03WBTS (3)Good GirlsBorderlineN/A1w 0d 23h 21m
Beth, Annie and Ruby bite off more than they can chew when they agree to help Rio smuggle contraband. Ruby deals with a so-called family friend from her church and Annie prepares for a visit with a social worker that could help determine the fate of her custody battle with Greg.
2018-03-12 21:00:03TLC-E (38)Counting OnKendra's Birthday SurpriseN/A1w 1d 0h 22m
Jinger and Jeremy play host to their friends from NYC; it's Kendra's birthday and she heads to Kentucky to pick out her wedding dress; and Joe has a big birthday surprise up his sleeve.
2018-03-11 21:00:03AMC-E (25)The Walking DeadDead or Alive OrN/A1w 2d 0h 22m
Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Maggie makes difficult decisions at the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith is tested.
2018-03-08 21:00:03UP (124)Bringing Up BatesIcing on the CakesN/A1w 5d 0h 22m
Kelly Jo assembles a wedding planning team for Tori and Bobby's nuptials. Lawson, Nathan and Trace spend some time at the ranch, catching up and riding horses. Isaiah celebrates his thirteenth birthday with a laser-tag battle.
2018-03-05 22:00:03WBTS (3)Good GirlsMo Money Mo ProblemsN/A2w 0d 23h 22m
The women struggle to come up with the money they owe the gang which, in this case, means robbing yet again. Meanwhile, Annie's fight for custody takes a major hit, Beth tries to navigate life as a single parent and Ruby's concerns for Sara's health escalate.
2018-03-05 21:00:03TLC-E (38)Counting OnSpurgeon's First HaircutN/A2w 1d 0h 22m
Jeremy and Jinger continue to put their stamp on their new home; Joe and Kendra pick out the groomsmen's outfits; Jessa and Ben finally give Spurgeon a haircut; and Joy and Austin try to make the most of their less-than-ideal living situation.
2018-03-01 21:00:04UP (124)Bringing Up BatesSave the Date and Decisions to Make!N/A2w 5d 0h 22m
Tori and Bobby are hoping they can move up their wedding date; and the Bates brothers head out for Nathan's annual "guys only" lake birthday party.
2018-02-28 21:00:04TRAVEL-E (23)Expedition UnknownSecrets of Brother XIIN/A2w 6d 0h 22m
Josh Gates attempts to uncover a treasure left behind by the Aquarian Foundation, an isolated, insidious cult led by the notorious leader known as Brother XII.
2018-02-26 21:00:03TLC-E (38)Counting OnIn Love in SwitzerlandN/A3w 1d 0h 22m
In the Season 7 premiere, Joy and Austin finally get to enjoy some alone time in Switzerland after saying "I do." Meanwhile, Joe and Kendra get their engagement photos taken; and the siblings help Jinger and Jeremy move into their new house.
2018-02-08 21:00:03UP (124)Bringing Up BatesThe Best Is Yet to ComeN/A5w 5d 0h 22m
It has been love at first sight for Tori and Bobby, but ever since Bobby moved to TN, Tori has been eager for him to propose. While an engagement ring might be burning a hole in Bobby's pocket, he still needs to come up with the perfect proposal.