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2017-07-21 21:30:04WE-E (172)Kendra on TopThe Last Temptation of PattiN/A1d 15h 11m
Kendra and Hank welcome Patti back into their lives beginning with Alijah's birthday party. A lavish gift from grand-dude awakens a bitterness in Patti; and a last temptation has Patti going back on her promise.
2017-07-21 21:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Josh Gates' Destination TruthJapanese Water Monster and Icelandic ElvesN/A1d 15h 41m
Josh Gates and his team hightail it to Japan to find out what mysterious monster is lurking in Lake Ikeda. Then, they're off to Iceland after locals report personal contact with elves living on the edge of the forests.
2017-07-21 21:00:03WE-E (172)Kendra on TopForgive and RegretN/A1d 15h 41m
Kendra gets revealing news about her role in a Las Vegas play, while Patti makes a surprise visit to see Hank. Unable to regain Hank's trust, Patti is forced to choose between fame and family.
2017-07-20 22:17:04LIFE-E (170)Married at First SightUnfiltered: Second HoneymoonsN/A2d 14h 24m
The cast of Season 5 respond to the episode.
2017-07-20 21:00:05HIST-E (107)Mountain MenHunter and HuntedN/A2d 15h 41m
Tom defends against a wolf pack; Eustace hopes to turn trash into treasure; and Jason undertakes a mission to feed his family.
2017-07-20 21:00:05BRAVO-E (167)Million Dollar Listing New YorkYou Can Call Me Al...BertoN/A2d 15h 41m
Steve puts the focus on his Tribeca listing. Meanwhile, Ryan deals with a prominent developer, who's not above embarrassing Ryan at a birthday bash, and Fredrik forges a bond with East Village residents, especially his driver, Alberto.
2017-07-20 21:00:04UP (124)Bringing Up BatesStop, Drop and WashN/A2d 15h 41m
A car-washing fund-raiser is held by the Bates in order to raise money for firefighters, and Zach instructs the kids on how to properly wash a car; Chad and Erin begin their search for a fixer-upper.
2017-07-19 22:03:03HIST-E (107)Mountain MenFirst Look: Hunter and HuntedN/A3d 14h 38m
A preview of an upcoming episode.
2017-07-19 21:00:06BRAVO-E (167)The Real Housewives of New York CityThree Tequila...Floor!N/A3d 15h 41m
The ladies arrive in Mexico, with Ramona and Sonja scrambling for the best villa room and swiftly alienating themselves. Also, Tinsley addresses a damaging article about her, Luann takes a boozy tumble and Bethenny reprimands Sonja for her bad behavior.
2017-07-19 21:00:04LIFE-E (170)Little Women: LASeason 6 Reunion, Part 2N/A3d 15h 41m
Conclusion.The reunion continues when Stephania joins the group to reveal all the details of her night in Alaska with Matt. Later, Mary breaks down while defending her fights with Tonya and Elena; Kerwin and Angelique join the cast and confirm ongoing issues with Tonya and Kerwin's engagement. Also: a sneak peek at "Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat."
2017-07-18 22:03:04TLC-E (166)RattledReturn of the QuadsN/A4d 14h 38m
Jarrel won't discuss custody with Krystal without a DNA test; Aly's allergic reaction during labor make her high-risk pregnancy even more dangerous; pregnant wrestler Brooke is terrified of giving birth. Also: an update on the Gardner quads.
2017-07-18 22:00:03COMEDY-E (113)Tosh.007-18-2017N/A4d 14h 41m
Daniel shakes up summer pool parties; turns a little girl's frown into a smile; and gets a visit from Denim Danger.
2017-07-18 21:00:04TLC-E (166)OutdaughteredA Little Potty Never Killed No BodyN/A4d 15h 41m
Danielle tries potty training as a result of the quints' recent explosive bowel movements; Adam is stressed out about Hazel's upcoming appointment with a new doctor and the possibility of another surgery.
2017-07-18 20:00:03TLC-E (166)OutdaughteredLife with Quints: Dawn of the Terrible TwosN/A4d 16h 41m
The Busbys are busy as the quints hit the "terrible twos." Meanwhile, Danielle plans a romantic dinner with Adam for Valentine's Day; and Danielle and Adam get ready for Hazel's upcoming eye appointment.
2017-07-17 23:03:03MTV-E (118)Teen MumFather's DayN/A5d 13h 38m
Chloe embarks on a new venture with her baby; Dylan has a fit of jealous rage over Megan's revealing birthday outfit; Naomi and Raphael give their relationship another go; and Mia's jealousy for Manley's ex escalates.
2017-07-17 22:31:04BRAVO-E (167)Sweet Home OklahomaLGBTQIA-OKN/A5d 14h 10m
The gang celebrates at the Gay Pride Parade, where Jen is determined to counter the protesters. In addition, Lee wants to refrain from online dating, and a pet psychic delves into the dogs' issues and discovers that Tubby has a higher purpose.
2017-07-17 22:02:03MTV-E (118)Teen MumWe Bought a HorseN/A5d 14h 39m
Naomi has an awkward run-in with Ines; Chloe gets heated with Jordan on her 18th birthday; Mia finally confronts Manley's mom; and Megan and Dylan take on another mouth to feed.
2017-07-17 22:01:04BRAVO-E (167)Sweet Home OklahomaPumps Strikes BackN/A5d 14h 40m
Pumps and Kay scheme to get revenge on Jen for pranking them. A meditation class from hell also comes into play.
2017-07-17 22:00:04TLC-E (166)Kate Plus 8Kate Goes Skiing... Sort Of...N/A5d 14h 41m
Spring break takes Kate and her kids to Vermont for a week on the slopes. Skiing lessons, tubing and a trip to the hospital make for one wild week.
2017-07-17 21:00:07TLC-E (166)Counting OnThe After Show Part 1N/A5d 15h 41m
Part 1 of 2. Daphne Oz digs deeper into the season's most significant moments, including courtships, weddings and births.
2017-07-17 21:00:05BRAVO-E (167)The Real Housewives of Orange CountyIt's Either My Way or the Feng ShuiN/A5d 15h 41m
Vicki preps for her office move as Shannon enlists a feng-shui expert to bring balance into her life. Also: Lydia launches her magazine; Kelly tries to make her marriage work; and Tamra hosts an over-the-top birthday bash, where Lydia and Shannon clash.
2017-07-17 21:00:04MTV-E (118)Teen Mom 2And Then There Were FiveN/A5d 15h 41m
Briana reunites with an old friend, but grapples with an unplanned pregnancy. A sudden move tests Jenelle and David's relationship. Kailyn and Javi finalize their divorce, while Leah begins an exciting new chapter.
2017-07-17 19:00:03BRAVO-E (167)The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Social EditionN/A5d 17h 41m
An episode featuring social-media content.
2017-07-16 22:04:04TLC-E (166)The Spouse HouseThe Grass Is Always GreenerN/A6d 14h 37m
Two love triangles are in full force, but as passions run high hearts may be broken. Meanwhile, Missy deals with the aftermath of her bold interruption during the Engagement Ceremony.
2017-07-15 08:00:03HIST-E (107)Mountain MenBloody SundayN/A1w 1d 4h 41m
Charlie makes a costly rookie mistake; Marty and Andy split up to cover more ground; Eustace puts his life on the line to help a needy neighbor; Rich tracks a bobcat that's been eating his livestock.
2017-07-14 21:30:04WE-E (172)Kendra on TopTruce or DareN/A1w 1d 15h 11m
Kendra storms out after giving Patti an ultimatum; Patti is urged to confront Hank; Kendra meets with an acting coach to prep for her new play; and Hank is shocked when Patti shows up unannounced.
2017-07-14 21:00:03WE-E (172)Kendra on TopPatti MeltdownN/A1w 1d 15h 41m
Kendra is enraged when her manager reveals her mom's secret that Patti met with a publisher behind her back; Kendra races to San Diego to confront Patti; and Kendra and Patti face off.
2017-07-14 21:00:03TRAVEL-E (23)Josh Gates' Destination TruthRomanian Forest Terrors and a Mexican Jungle DemonN/A1w 1d 15h 41m
Josh Gates meets unexpected challenges while exploring a haunted woodland in the depths of Romania. Then, in the jungles of Mexico, he hunts for a mischievous creature called the Alux that villagers blame for recent attacks.
2017-07-14 10:00:03TLC-E (166)The Spouse HouseI'm Going to Get Married Here!N/A1w 2d 2h 41m
Series premiere. Fourteen single people move under one roof in an attempt to find true love and their life partner.
2017-07-13 21:00:04HIST-E (107)Mountain MenLet the Weight of the Hammer Do the WorkN/A1w 2d 15h 41m
Marty's retreat uncovers a surprise in his back yard; Morgan builds to beat the deep freeze; and Tom hits the jackpot.
2017-07-13 21:00:04UP (124)Bringing Up BatesDon't Worry, We've 'Goat' This!N/A1w 2d 15h 41m
Erin's twin pygmy goats mean more household chores, so she and Chad get help from Gil and the kids; the Bates redesign Nathan's impromptu zip line and make it safer; Erin surprises Chad with a romantic getaway without the kids for his 30th birthday.
2017-07-13 21:00:04BRAVO-E (167)Million Dollar Listing New YorkIt Takes a (East) VillageN/A1w 2d 15h 41m
Fredrik questions the impact of gentrification as he sells his $225 million development in the East Village. Plus, Ryan begins to doubt his sales strategy as he faces a jittery launch, and a co-lister tests Steve's patience and even his bicycling skills.
2017-07-11 22:04:04TLC-E (166)RattledBroken Water, Broken HeartsN/A1w 4d 14h 37m
In the Season 2 premiere, Krystal goes into labor, which interrupts her argument with Jarrel over the baby's paternity. Meanwhile, Aly and Josh uproot their lives to grow their family; and Doug and Mars' relationship is still volatile even though their child is 2.
2017-07-10 21:00:04TLC-E (166)Counting OnJoy Gets EngagedN/A1w 5d 15h 41m
Jinger makes a care package for the family back in Arkansas. Meanwhile, the Dillards prepare to return to Central America; Austin has an important question for Joy; and Joe asks for permission to enter a courtship with Kendra.
2017-07-06 21:00:03UP (124)Bringing Up BatesNewlywed EditionN/A2w 2d 15h 41m
Bates couples test their knowledge of each other by answering questions about their spouses.